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    By Nick Alongi

    We have approximately 45 tow truck operators, six of whom are Lead Drivers. All prospective tow operators must give a clean, neat and friendly first impression. We work to instill the same values in all of our drivers through an extensive training system for new employees. This includes Alcohol and Drug Education, Hazardous Material Handling, Injury and Illness Prevention, Bloodborne Pathogen Protection, and Tow Operator Employee Policies and Procedures. In addition to this initial training all of our tow truck operators are required to successfully complete the American Automobile Association's Five Diamond Service for Emergency Road Service Operators. This program trains a tow truck driver on skills and standards for providing outstanding service. Tow operators are also required to complete the rigorous, privately administered WreckMaster Towing and Recovery program. Motor Body Company is able to provide all of the training above as well as an annual conflict resolution class in our on-site classroom. We are proud of our entire tow operations crew. Here is a sample of the tow operators here at Motor Body Company that you might meet on the road.

    Mike's motto is "I'm there for you." Mike is one of those guys that you get a good impression of from the start. He is quite possibly one of the nicest and most polite tow truck drivers you will ever meet. Mike has been with our company for 5 years.

    Jarome Iginla




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