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    Motor Body Company in service since 1938.
    Open Job Positions and Qualifications
    By Nick Alongi

    Motor Body Company is an industry leader in towing and road service. We have a modern office and storage facility. We provide the latest equipment and training available.

    If you are dependable, work well with your co-workers, like helping people in need and want a challenging job, come see us. We are an equal opportunity employer. We will provide paid training. No experience necessary.

    If you are interested in a job that:

    1) Is challenging and interesting.
    2) Allows you to meet new people every day.
    3) Helps people in need.
    4) Allows you to work outside.
    5) Gives you a feeling of accomplishment, and need... then this is the job for you!

    You need to:

    1) Be 22 years old (insurance requirement).
    2) Have a current California drivers license.
    3) Have a good driving record.
    4) Have a current print out from the Department of Motor Vehicles of your driving record.

    Our benefits include:

    1) Health and dental insurance.
    2) Paid vacations.
    3) Paid holidays.
    4) Paid sick leave.
    5) 401K plan.
    6) Company paid training.
    7) Company paid tow operator certification.
    8) Company unitorms provided.
    9) High quality work environment.
    10) Donuts every Friday!!!

    Come and apply for employment with us. We have never layed off personel due to a lack of work for over 25 years.


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